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Members of staff of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security turned out in their numbers today (May 25), to participate in the spruce up of the day care centre located at the Ministry’s North Street office.
The centre, which cares for the children of staff members, was painted and decorated; cribs were repaired and refinished; and other minor repair work was done to the facility as needed.
Acting Public Relations Manager at the Ministry, Ann-Marie Dobson, told JIS News that the day care centre was chosen as the Labour Day project because “we thought it needed some freshening up.”
“This facility really caters to about 40 children and they are the children of persons, who work here at the Ministry. It is a facility that provides care and support and you know, if you are a mother, you will want to know that your child is being well cared for while you are not with them,” Miss Dobson pointed out.
Labour Minister Hon. Pearnel Charles, who participated in the Labour Day project, expressed pleasure at the day’s activities. He noted that the day care centre provided an opportunity for the staff members to keep their children close to them.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Andrew Gallimore, paints a section of the bathroom at the Ministry’s Day Care Centre. This was part of Labour Day activities being held today (May 25) at the Ministry.

“It is a service that we wish more employers would offer to their employees. The children will know that they are where their mothers are, and we (also) try to keep a good environment for them as some are very small,” he stated.
Minister of State, Hon. Andrew Gallimore, who assisted with the painting of the bathrooms, stated that he was pleased with the turnout by the staff members.
“I think the nursery is going to look a lot different, so I am very, very pleased. I am sure all the parents who are staff members, will be pleased that the surroundings for their children, will be in a better condition than before,” Mr. Gallimore said.
Arthea Barrett, an employee, who particiticipated in the Labour Day activity, noted that the aim was to improve the environment for the children.
“We are also going to try and make the nursery more attractive for the children, that when they come in on Tuesday morning (May 26), they will feel more comfortable and feel at home,” Miss Barrett said.
National Labour Day 2009 is being celebrated today under the theme, ‘Ketch the Vibes: Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification, Empowerment for Success’.

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