JIS News

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security is to pressure delinquent employers in both the public and private sectors to pay over National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions.

Portfolio Minister, Hon. Derrick Kellier, said this is to protect the interest of the pensioners of the country and contributors to the National Insurance Fund.

The Minister was speaking at a contract signing ceremony for the renovation and expansion of a Ministry of Labour and Social Security building, located on 3 King Street in Falmouth, Trelawny, on January 31.

“I am warning all employers who continue to flout the law by not remitting NIS contributions for their employees, that we will no longer be taking the carrot approach to our compliance efforts. Instead, we will be utilizing more and more the stick that is provided under the National Insurance Act, to ensure that people pay up,” he emphasized.

Mr. Kellier pointed out that he had made a previous appeal in July 2012 during his budget presentation, and a further one in December 2012, when he announced increased benefits for pensioners.

He insisted that the problem of non-compliance from some employers in paying over NIS contributions to the government must be cauterised.

“For 2013 it cannot be business as usual for those chronic non-compliant employers,” he stressed, adding that the strong approach is to ensure that all statutory deductions that are owed on behalf of the hard working citizens of the country are paid over in a timely manner.

The Minister said that no favour will be showed in the efforts to collect that which is owed, as his Ministry is prepared, where necessary, to name the delinquent persons or businesses.