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Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, says steps are being taken to address the problem of flooding in several Corporate Area communities due to overflowing of the Chalky River.

Speaking at the monthly meeting of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston, recently, the Mayor said that the KSAMC is receiving technical support in the undertaking from the National Water Commission (NWC), while the National Works Agency (NWA), has also been engaged.

Mayor Williams reported that the NWC was asked by the KSAMC Engineering Department to do a design that “we believe would assist us in preventing the breach along the Chalky River, in the section that it is occurring.”

He noted that the NWA “has started work in that area.”

Meanwhile, he told the meeting that cleaning and maintenance of drains have continued since June, and the Corporation has completed the first phase of upgrading of critical coastal drains.

“We want to ensure that the carrying capacity of the drains are at the maximum levels,” he noted.

Turning to the shoreline protection works being undertaken along the Kingston Waterfront, Mayor Williams said that the project, when completed, will be “an area of attraction.”

“I am pleased with the project because of its multiple benefits,” he said, noting that in addition to protecting the shoreline from further erosion, the boardwalk segment will provide for jogging and recreational activities for residents of downtown Kingston.

As it relates to the master plan for the downtown market district, Mayor Williams informed that he and other personnel from the Corporation’s Engineering Department have reviewed the document and are in “full agreement” with the project.

He said that a presentation will be made to the Councillors shortly, before putting it before the KSAMC for approval.

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