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A team of Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) and National Works Agency (NWA) officials and engineers, lead by Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Lee Clarke, toured the Liguanea Post Office on Thursday, to get a firsthand look at its structural condition.
The tour was triggered by a report to the KSAC Council from the Corporation’s City Engineer, Norman Shand, that his inspection of the Post Office building, recently, revealed various cracks and had raised his concern about structural problems.
According to Mr. Shand, although he was not allowed to do a detailed inspection of the interior of the two-storey reinforced concrete structure with a drive -through parking basement, he noted several cracks and suggested a structural inspection.

Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Lee Clarke (right), is shown a section of cracking load-bearing columns at the Liguanea Post Office by Councillor for the Mavis Bank Division, Alvin Francis. Mr. Francis had reported the cracks to the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), prompting the Deputy Mayor to do a tour of the entire Liguanea Post Mall, on February 18.

The issue was raised at the February 9 monthly meeting of the Council, by Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie, who noted that the KSAC is stepping up its drive to enforce the City’s building code.
Deputy Mayor Clarke, who is chairman of the Building and Town Planning Committee, told JIS News after the tour, that he was also concerned about some of the cracks his party saw, but would await a report from the engineers involved before recommending any further action.
The Post Office was built in 2003 and Mayor McKenzie recalled that at the time, after he assumed office, a stop order was issued on the construction after concerns were raised that it was not being built according to proper specifications.

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