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The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) will be rolling out a new strategic plan geared towards improving customer service, Deputy Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Andrew Swaby, has informed.

“This will be a first for the KSAC and comes out of the strategic priorities on which we are focused… The customer service strategy and plan will lay the foundation for an improvement in customer service provided to the public by our staff,” he said, at a KSAC Council meeting at its Church Street chambers in downtown Kingston on Tuesday (January 8).

Mr. Swaby pointed out that for this year, the KSAC will also seek to carry out further public education on its role and responsibilities.

“Plans are already underway to launch our tabloid ‘Citilink’, and to convene town hall meetings at strategic locations, which will provide a forum for stakeholders, the general public and partner agencies,” the Deputy Mayor said.

Mr. Swaby further noted that the corporation will fully launch ‘completely Kingston’, its new application, which will enable the public to report breaches across the municipality.

“Our improved customer service programme will also include providing our citizens with further transparency on the operations of the council.