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The Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) will be working with the police to clamp down on illegal massage parlours operating in the corporate area. “We are planning a meeting with the Public Health Department and the police next week and we will be moving swiftly to close down these operations,” said Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie as he addressed the KSAC’s monthly press briefing downtown on June 14.
Mr. McKenzie informed that approximately 274 parlours were operating in selected sections of the corporate area of which 98 per cent were in contravention of the law. He noted that many were also operating in residential areas.
He noted that the KSAC had been actively investigating the illegal operations for approximately 1 1/2 years, using means such as the telephone numbers of the parlours that appear in the newspapers.
Additionally, Mr. McKenzie explained that the KSAC has had numerous complaints from residents of being disturbed by clients who behave “shamefully” outside the venues.
The Mayor also called on the public to assist in clamping down on the illegal operations. “We need the support of the public to give us the information and once we get the information, we will do what we can under the law. Once these operations are taking place in residential areas without the requisite permits. we will act accordingly” he stated.
Turning to the issue of vendor registration, Mayor McKenzie informed that 85 per cent of operators in the KSAC arcades have complied with the process. He noted that the compliance would result in remedial work, such as roof repairs on the markets.
However, the Mayor informed that vendors at the Constant Spring market and arcade as well as the Cross Roads, Papine and Stony Hill markets have not been complying and action would be taken against them if the situation persisted.
Of the 30 vendors at the Papine market only seven have registered, he pointed out. The registration date has again been extended to accommodate the unregistered vendors.
Meanwhile, Mayor Mckenzie announced plans to operate a city lottery, with the proceeds to go towards improving the social and physical structures of the city.
He said that a proposal on the matter has been sent to the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission.

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