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The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) is to resume its clamp down on illegal garage operations in sections of the Corporate Area, this time without warning.
Announcing the decision at the monthly press briefing yesterday (January 11), held downtown, Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew, Councillor Desmond McKenzie said this time the public would not be advised as to the time period in which the clean-up operations would take place.
Mayor McKenzie said despite the success of similar exercises to rid residential areas in the Corporate Area of illegal operations last year, the KSAC has already received some 51 reports, 27 of which are in the Patrick City area, which also accounted for the largest number of illegal garages last time.
“This time the operation will continue until we put a significant dent in the illegal garage operations in the city,” the Mayor declared, noting that while some of the establishments were new, others which had been closed down permanently have resurfaced, rendering some roads impassable for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Mr. McKenzie said the Council would go the extra mile and take whatever measures were necessary to ensure the success of the initiative. Furthermore, he said the Council would meet with members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) come next week, to work out the details of the operation.
Meanwhile, on January 22 the KSAC will begin its removal of building materials from the streets of the Corporate Area in some 34 identified locations.
Mayor McKenzie said the move was in response to complaints about persons undertaking construction in the Municipality, who continue to dump sand, gravel, concrete blocks and steel on the sidewalks and the roads, without considering the plight of persons using the roadways, a condition further aggravated during heavy rainfall.
“It is the responsibility of persons who are undertaking construction to store these materials in an area that doesn’t create the kind of nuisance that it is presently creating on the streets of the Corporate Area,” Mayor McKenzie stressed.
He said the materials would be removed and placed on lands owned by the KSAC and the cost of removal borne by the owners of the materials.

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