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Technical officers from the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) have received tablet computers, as part of efforts to provide them with the necessary tools to better enable them to carry out their duties.

“We have uploaded our App- LoveCleanKSA to these tablets and officers will be required to use this tool to aid in monitoring their zones,” said Mayor of Kingston, Senator Angela Brown Burke.

She was speaking during the monthly meeting of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), held on Tuesday, July 9, at its Church Street chambers, downtown Kingston.

According to the Mayor, the Corporation is aiming to improve efficiency and effectiveness by integrating technology in the way it operates.

She noted that in other municipalities where the application is being used, “they have been able to do significantly more with less.

“This will not take care of all the issues that exist relating to our responsibilities for building and town planning, but it is an additional step in the journey to improve our service standards,” she stated.

Mayor Brown Burke informed that the Corporation has been making internal changes in relation to the processing of building and subdivision applications and while some aspects of the process are outside the KSAC’s control, meetings are being scheduled with the heads of the relevant agencies to find workable solutions.

“We acknowledge that our efforts are hampered by the inadequate staff and resources and we are committed, within available resources, to provide our officers with the additional tools to aid in the execution of their duties,” she stated.

Contact: Chris Patterson

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