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Mayor of Kingston, Senator Desmond McKenzie, has informed that the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) remained committed to tackling the problem of illegal vending in Half-Way-Tree and in the vicinity of the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).
“While we recognise that persons, who are vending offer a service, and the fact that it is some persons only means of livelihood.we are not going to accept illegal vending in areas that are not designated for vending,” the Mayor stated, as he addressed the KSAC’s monthly meeting held in the Council’s chambers on Church Street yesterday (March 10).
Mayor McKenzie informed that the KSAC has partnered with Digicel to provide vending stalls in Half-Way-Tree and so far, 28 stalls have been supplied. “Hopefully, by the end of April…we will see that commitment (from Digicel) being realised with the completion of 150 stalls to be placed strategically in the Half-Way-Tree area,” he said.
As it relates to illegal vending in front of the KPH, Senator McKenzie commended the vendors for their quick response to the KSAC’s demand for them to cease.
“We said to them, ‘we are giving you one-day to remove from the side-walk and to make alternative arrangements’ and they have responded,” the Mayor informed, adding that the KPH’s management has made provisions to accommodate the vendors on lands the hospital owns.
The Council has employed a zero-tolerance approach to illegal vending in the Corporate Area over recent months. In September last year, the KSAC suspended vending activities in Half-Way-Tree Square in an effort to restore order in the area. Vending resumed the following month, albeit in restricted areas.

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