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Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie, has said that he would be asking the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo.) for a refund of electricity bill payments made over the last two years.
He said the move was aimed at recovering money paid for non-functioning streetlights. “I think the JPSCo must seriously consider looking to give us a rebate. We are going to be asking for a rebate for the last two years,” he stated.
Councillor McKenzie was addressing the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation’s (KSAC) monthly press briefing at his downtown Kingston office yesterday (October 15).
He said that surveys conducted in the Liguanea and Six Miles areas have revealed that 3,000 streetlights were not working, while other surveys were being conducted. There are 23,000 streetlights in the Corporate area.
“It is important that the Government, through the relevant Ministries, become actively involved in this issue, because I can guarantee you that all the other parish councils across the country have now asked the KSAC to assist them in conducting the audits,” he stated.
Mayor McKenzie said the KSAC was already in dialogue with the JPSCo to have the non-functioning lights fixed, but the process has been very slow. “We have taken a position that whatever percentage of the lights are not working we are not going to pay and we have already put that position. They (JPSCo) have given a commitment that they would address the problem within six weeks. I do know that there has been some improvement . but it has been slow,” he informed.
Currently, the Council pays the light and power company $18 million per month for electricity. At the last Council meeting, the Mayor threatened that they would be withholding $2 million of its monthly electricity bill payments unless the JPSCo acted swiftly to rectify the problem of non-functioning streetlights in the Corporate Area.

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