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The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has donated $1 million to the York Park Fire Station, to assist with the upgrading of the station.
Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie said while the money would be spent specifically to refurbish the fire station, the KSAC’s City Engineering Department would work alongside the Maintenance Department of the Kingston and St. Andrew Fire Division, to carry out renovations to the York Park facilities.
The Mayor was speaking at the KSAC’s monthly press briefing, yesterday (October 12), in the Council’s chambers in downtown, Kingston.
This financial donation to the York Park Fire Station marks the second time the KSAC has rendered monetary assistance to the fire services within a seven-month period. The KSAC made a $2 million donation to the Jamaica Fire Services in Kingston and St. Andrew, in March of this year.
“The advent of Hurricane Ivan has exposed the shortcomings and weaknesses of the fire services.the $1 million we are giving, represents the second tranche of assistance we will be providing to the fire services and hopefully, if things improve in terms of our [KSAC] financial capabilities, we will undertake some more assistance in terms of carrying out such repairs to other fire facilities across the Corporate Area that we deem to be necessary,” he said.
Mr. McKenzie pointed out that despite the fact that fire was not the KSAC’s direct responsibility, “it still affects all of us and this is why the KSAC has taken the role we have in regard to the fire service”.

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