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A Resolution requesting the withdrawal of $17.2 million from the Equalisation Fund of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation  (KSAC), to undertake urgent repairs to sanitary facilities in the markets and arcades, received overwhelming support at a meeting of the Council on September 11.

The Resolution, moved by Councillor Kevin Taylor and seconded by Councillor Andrew Swaby, outlined that the fixtures and plumbing in 13 of the 18 markets and arcades in Kingston and St. Andrew are "old, outdated, inefficient and in some instances, in a state of disrepair."

Noting that the KSAC is not in a position to undertake financing of the project at this time, the resolution called for the $17.2 million, to "undertake the construction, repairs and renovations to these facilities."

The Resolution noted that the conveniences serve not only customers and vendors, but the general public as well, and that 80 per cent of the vendors in these markets are women who sometimes spend long hours making a living there.

Councillors from both sides of the aisle gave their support.