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For the 2012/13 fiscal year, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) achieved its revenue target of $365 million.

This was revealed by Deputy Mayor, Andrew Swaby, during a press conference at the Corporation’s offices in downtown Kingston, on April 16.

He also informed that for the period, actual revenue inflows increased by 20 per cent over the previous year.

The revenue sources included: trade licences, target surpassed with 144 per cent; signs and billboards, 176 per cent; places of amusement, 118 per cent; transportation centres/car parks, 95 per cent; buildings and subdivisions, 82 per cent; market fees, 92 per cent; metro pound, 97 per cent; and rental of premises, 88 per cent.

He said the additional revenue sources for the Corporation included fees from the animal pound, grave orders, butchers’ licence fees, barbers and hairdressers fees, numbering fees, inspection fees and parking fines, and pointed out that these accounted for three per cent of the revenues.

The Deputy Mayor said underperforming revenue sources were addressed and improved using strategies, such as: the establishment of a revenue enhancement sub-committee that met weekly and developed enhanced strategies; the re-organisation of the procedures associated with signs and billboard approval process and sensitisation meetings with stakeholders to encourage compliance.

Another strategy, he informed, was the implementation of a trade licence compliance campaign, in collaboration with Tax Administration of Jamaica, which sought to: educate and sensitize regarding trade licences; enforcement of the Licence on Trade and Business Act; and the acquisition of information regarding businesses liable for trade licences.

Mr. Swaby said the Corporation’s debt has been reduced to $67 million.

“Efforts to pay down the debt overhang continue and day-to-day operations are being managed. Moreover, project expenditures are only authorized after identification of the necessary resources. This meant that in some (cases), less money was available for new works to be done in the 40 divisions,” he said.

The Deputy Mayor said the KSAC will continue to host Town Hall meetings to listen and understand the vision of the communities and respond accordingly; to discuss the financial and other performance matters of the KSAC; and to determine whether or not communities are satisfied with local services provided.

“Despite the many challenges faced during the last fiscal year, the KSAC has been able to increase its revenue flows. These gains have placed the KSAC on a sound footing and will be built on in coming years,” he said.

By Chris Patterson, JIS Reporter

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