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A sum of $1.3 billion has been allocated to the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) Water Supply Project, with the National Water Commission being the implementing agency.
According to the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives, the project aims to provide an improved water supply system to the KMA (including Greater Spanish Town, South East St. Catherine, Kingston and St. Andrew), to keep pace with the rapid industrial and housing developments in these areas.
Achievements up to February 2008 include: implementation of a three-year action plan for institutional development and operation efficiency in progress; design field assessment completed; detailed engineering designs and tender documents 90 per cent completed; construction contract for Lot 1, 60 per cent completed; tendering process for Lot 2a completed, and bulk flow meters purchased and being installed.
Anticipated targets for 2008/2009 include the completion of engineering and hydro geological designs; completion of procurement for all five construction contracts; completion of rehabilitation works (Lot No.1); complete installation of Bulk Flow meters, and to commence new source development works for South East St. Catherine (Lot 2B).
The Project is being funded by the Government and the Japan Bank for International Corporation.

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