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Scores of residents from the community of Cottage in St. Catherine benefited from a free health clinic organised by the Kitson Town Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church.

The event, which was held on Sunday (May 15), offered checks for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, glucose, and other conditions, as well as counselling and referrals.

Health Ministry Director at the church, Ann-Marie Brown, said that the decision to organise the clinic came out of a survey done by the Personal Ministry Department, which found that there was need for these services. She said that the residents benefited greatly from the initiative.

Elder at the church, Christopher Thomas, said that the community “responded well” by accessing the services provided, with some of them opening their homes to the volunteers.

He said that based on the positive feedback, the Church might be willing to organise another event.

Resident of the area, Dianne Brown, who was among persons who received free health checks, said the residents are “very thankful to the SDA. They provided a good service, and I hope they will come back again”.

Michael Lawrence also expressed gratitude to the SDA and expressed the hope that the initiative will continue.

Icodi Lee said that the SDA deserves “a big thank you” for organising the clinic. She noted that the medical personnel and volunteers were “willing to assist and seemed happy doing their job. It was marvelous that a lot of elderly people got help”.

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