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The Kingston leg of the Spruce-up Jamaica campaign will get underway on Tuesday (Nov. 20), with the clean up and beautification of the main roundabout at the Norman Manley International Airport.
The workday, which is being organized by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), is part of the overall initiative “to get all our resort areas ready for the winter tourist season, which begins on December 15”, said Chairman of the Taskforce Committee for Spruce Up Jamaica, Nicola Madden-Gregg. She informed that Tuesday’s workday will entail painting curb walls, putting in plants, cutting the grass and general clean up of the roundabout. Residents of communities in the vicinity of Harbour View and Port Royal are invited to participate in activity.
The comprehensive work programme for Kingston will entail the Palisadoes corridor to the Harbour View round-a-bout and will take in the Hummingbird route and all the major entrances to the city. “All the work will not be done on Tuesday”, Mrs. Madden-Gregg pointed out, noting that, “this is the start day for the Kingston leg of the programme and work will continue all the way up to December 14, which is a day before the start of the winter tourist season.”
The goal, she said, is to “allow the city to look a lot brighter to welcome not only our visitors but of course our returning Jamaicans. It is a programme that is going to welcome persons home and those who have never visited us before.”
She said it is important that persons participate in the activities “even if it is just right in front of your home or your business. Nothing is better than having a clean environment, not only for our visitors, but definitely for ourselves.”
“We need to capture that spirit of civic pride more and more in Jamaica and this is an ideal opportunity for persons to get on board with a programme that is going to work towards giving us a cleaner and better city,” she added.
Stakeholders involved in the programme include: Ministry of Tourism; Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA); Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation; National Solid Waste Management Authority; National Works Agency; Kingston Resort Board; Air Jamaica; and the Airport Authority.

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