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The Kingston Gardens cultural plaza in downtown, Kingston was given a facelift on Labour Day (May 23), as residents from surrounding communities sought to beautify the area in time for World Cup Cricket 2007.
The work, which was organised by the Allman Town Community Development Committee, which comprises Allman Town, Kingston Gardens, Campbell Town, and Woodford Park, entailed bushing, white washing and painting the base of trees and sidewalks.
On hand was Member of Parliament for Central Kingston, Victor Cummings, who was instrumental in marshalling the help of the Social Development Commission (SDC), the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), volunteers from the National Youth Service (NYS), and providing the refreshments for the workers.
The crowd was largely made up of young people, the youngest being a four year-old boy who was busy picking up cuttings with his five-year old friend and stuffing them into a NSWMA bag, as well as an eight year old, who helped to whitewash the sidewalk.
A resident of the Kingston Gardens resident, Emily Blake, told JIS News that she was glad to help out with the project. “I like to see the community beautiful. We are doing an important job and having these volunteers and youth working with us, will make the other young people realize that the community is being uplifted,” she said.
Some 9,000 residents will benefit from the beautification effort. National Labour Day 2006 was observed under the theme: ‘Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty’.

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