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Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, has advised that the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipality will not be granting any amusement licences for the hosting of any party or any other entertainment event in the Corporate Area over the festive season.

The Mayor, who was speaking on Thursday (December 10) at the weekly virtual COVID Conversations press briefing of the Health and Wellness Ministry, pointed out that the Municipality has not granted any licence since March, after the Government had imposed a 14-day ban on public gatherings as part of measures to contain the risk of transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Municipality had also revoked 64 amusement licences that were previously granted for various events.

“Our position is clear. We are not granting any amusement licences, so there shouldn’t be any partying across the Municipality. If you see any, they have not received a licence because we are not granting any,” Senator Williams said.

As it relates to the COVID-19 sensitisation efforts in the downtown market district, the Mayor said the Municipality has stepped up its efforts and will continue to issue masks and hand sanitisers throughout the festive season.

“We have also added some personnel in terms of municipal security to help maintain the order there and we are trying, as best as possible, to ensure that all the measures are in place and that the vendors stick to then,” he noted.

One important area of concern, the Mayor indicated, is the issue of mask-wearing, as a lot of persons in the market district have not been wearing their mask or wearing them correctly, although they have a mask in their possession.

Consequently, he said the Municipality will be doing some more work to sensitise them on the importance of wearing a mask and will also be using some town criers to remind them about the mask as well as the curfew hours, to ensure that they adhere to those rules.

In the meantime, the Mayor is encouraging Jamaicans, especially the vendors and the shoppers in the Kingston market district, to continue to adhere to the protocols and to ensure that they minimise their chances of getting the virus.

“I believe we have been doing a good job so far. There have been issues, but we have worked together to iron those issues out and it requires consistency, but I believe we have been doing well as a Government and as a Municipality and I just want us to continue to work together,” said Senator Williams.

“Just keep very focused on the orders and the protocols, the social distancing, the wearing of your mask, the use of sanitisers, and the practice of washing hands as often as you can. We just ask our vendors and persons using the urban spaces to be very alert and to be very conscious of what the measures are and don’t relax, as this is not a time to relax,” he added.

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