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The Kingston and St. Andrew Family Court, will be hosting a parenting seminar tomorrow (Nov. 21), to address issues related to violence against children.
Senior Court Administrator, Sylvia Collins Duncan, told JIS News, in an interview that the Family Court sees a lot of cases related to poor parenting and the seminar aims to address those problems.
“The Family Court hosts parenting seminars twice yearly with the aim of assisting parents in their parenting roles. We get all kinds of negative cases relating to parents and children and we recognise that some of these incidents that occur do so because of poor parenting so we do this to assist the parents. This parenting seminar will focus on the topical issue of violence against children,” she stated.
She informed that the seminar will target more than 150 persons, and these include parents who are before the Family Court, parents who have children before the Family Court, parents of the children of the Family Court Attendance Centre, and inner city communities.
One of the objectives of the seminar is to sensitise parents about the signs of abuse through different workshops.
“We would like to sensitise parents about the signs of abuse. We would like to help parents understand the difference between discipline and abuse, and we would like to improve the capacity of parents to deal with their own emotional issues and those of their children,” the Senior Court Administrator told JIS News.
Former Resident Magistrate, Dr. Velma Hay Hamilton Brown, will address the workshop on ‘Improving the child’s emotional intelligence’; Patrice Samuels from Hear the Children’s Cry will speak about ‘the difference between discipline and abuse’; senior social worker from the Bustamante Children’s Hospital, Andrene Gordon Garrick, will speak about ‘Abuse at home’; Andrea Vassel, Child Development Agency, will address the workshop on ‘Abuse in the community’; while Probation After Care Officers Carol Clarke and Rochelle Davis, will speak on ‘Abuse in schools’.
Other activities for the day include skits, exhibitions and testimonials.

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