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National Security Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, said today (August 24), that Operation Kingfish continues to experience success in dismantling the criminal operations of drug kingpins and has assisted overseas law enforcement and security agencies to nab drug smugglers outside of Jamaica.
Addressing journalists at a press briefing held at the Ministry in Kingston, Dr. Phillips informed that the assistance of Operation Kingfish, a joint taskforce implemented in 2004 involving both branches of the island’s security forces, was recently enlisted in the investigation of major drug smuggling operations based in North America.
He pointed out that Kingfish’s resources were utilised “in collaboration with United States law enforcement as well as national security agencies in Mexico, Colombia and Panama and helped dismantle a major international drug network”.
Indicating that further successes were anticipated through Operation Kingfish’s joint operations with foreign nations, the Minister acknowledged that the work of several bodies affiliated with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) had played a considerable role in the on-going accomplishments of Kingfish.
Among the divisions which have aided the anti-crime taskforce, he noted, were the newly established Major Investigations team; the Organised Crime Investigation Division; the Special Anti-Crime Task Force, which he said, “has done a lot of work in providing operational support”.
Dr. Phillips also praised the general membership of the JCF and the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) for their assistance in helping the efforts of Kingfish.
Up to December of last year, the Task Force severely impacted several organized criminal networks, seized 140 illegal weapons, destroyed three illegal air strips used for trafficking drugs, and arrested 235 persons for various offences.
The Minister commended the public for the extent of their co-operation in providing information and actionable intelligence.
“We need to emphasize that the positive results could not have been realised without the positive support of the public.the 811 number has proven most valuable,” he observed.
At the launch of Operation Kingfish more than a year ago, it was partnered with the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, with assistance varying from country to country. This included the deployment of persons to work with the Task Force and the provision of technical advice and other forms of support.