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The Counter Narcotics and Major Crime Investigation Task Force (Operation Kingfish) is carrying out operations in the parish of Westmoreland as part of activities to stem the illegal drug trade in the island.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Glenmore Hinds, Head of Operation Kingfish, made the disclosure at a press briefing held at the Ministry of National Security on Oxford Road today (Oct.19). “Agents from the Narcotics Police and soldiers from the Jamaica Defence Force are involved in a massive Kingfish operation in Westmoreland. Several acres of fully grown ganja, some in highly sophisticated fields, have already been destroyed,” ACP Hinds said. “The team will not leave Westmoreland until all the fields they have identified are destroyed,” he stated. According to ACP Hinds “we have recently noticed that some of the drug dealers are now focusing their attention on the ganja trade, which supports a viable gun-for-trade primarily between Jamaica and Haiti.” In the meantime, he urged citizens to report criminal activities to Kingfish, noting that information will be kept confidential.
“Make the call, it is as easy as 811. Always remember that Jamaica belongs to us, the law abiding citizens, and we must make a determination as to the type of country we want, not only for ourselves but also for our children,” ACP Hinds said. “We have highly motivated professionals who are committed to the task at hand,” he noted. “We will not be daunted, we will not cower. Our resolve is strong and with the help of everyone, Kingfish is here to stay. Again, I want to assure the nation that the unit will be around for a very long time to come,” ACP Hinds stated.

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