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The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has withdrawn its service from downtown Kingston, due to the unstable security situation in the area.

JUTC buses

All JUTC routes which either terminate or originate in downtown Kingston have been re-routed from the area.
These include buses from Portmore, which normally travel via Marcus Garvey Drive. These units will now travel via Hagley Park Road and terminate at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre (HWTTC).
Similarly, the Spanish Town to downtown routes, which normally run via Marcus Garvey Drive or Spanish Town Road, will now travel to Three Miles, then via Hagley Park Road to the HWTTC. JUTC routes from Chancery to downtown Kingston will likewise run via Three Miles and Hagley Park Road to the HWTTC.
In the case of the 500 route from the HWTTC to downtown Kingston, this will now terminate at Cross Roads.
In respect of the routes to downtown Kingston from terminal points like Harbour View, Bull Bay and Port Royal, these will now terminate at Rockfort, near Mountain View Avenue.
All the arrangements, especially those for the easterly routes, will be assessed on a daily basis going forward, to determine where any adjustments may be merited.
Meanwhile, the National Works Agency (NWA) has assured the public that all major corridors, including that to the Norman Manley International Airport will be kept open to vehicular access.
The NWA’s assurance comes against the background of a US State Department advisory against travelling to Jamaica, citing the possibility of public unrest on the Palisadoes Road.
The NWA says that, as a first responder to emergency situations, the agency stands ready to assist the police in responding to such occurrences. The agency says equipment and manpower are in place and will be deployed without delay, should the need arise.

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