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Due to the poor weather condition affecting the island, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) is advising passengers to be present at their respective bus stops as early as possible. Gwyneth Harold, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at the JUTC told JIS News in an interview that the constant showers would affect the regular schedule of the company’s buses, so passengers should get to the stops early.
“We are still covering all routes and will look to continue doing so once the weather permits. However, if the poor weather continues, our service will be compromised,” Miss Harold informed.
She explained that certain routes, such as the 97, which terminated at 11 Miles in Bull Bay, had been affected by the weather and buses were only able to travel as far as 9 Miles this morning.
“If the weather persists, we will be sending out our point inspectors to check on those areas which may be inundated, but we will be covering all routes as usual if weather permits,” she told JIS News.
Miss Harold said that persons with concerns and queries should contact the JUTC at its Toll Free number: 1-888-588-2287.
The island has been severely affected by heavy rainfall associated with Hurricane Wilma, which is drifting away from the island.

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