JIS News

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) is encouraging disabled persons to acquire their specially designed identification cards in order to benefit from the concessionary fare available to them.
Disabled persons, school children and the elderly pay a concessionary fare of $15. However Jackie Darwood, Manager of Depot Operations at the JUTC informed JIS News that since not all disabilities were visible, it was necessary for disabled commuters to get proper identification cards from the JUTC.
“We are encouraging disabled persons to get their ID cards, so they can be clearly identified and ensure smooth travel on the buses,” Miss Darwood explained. There are presently two buses, which carry disabled persons in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR). These are the number 101 that plies the Greater Portmore to Constant Spring route, which has the capacity to carry approximately 500 passengers per trip, and number 102, which travels from Harbour View to August Town and carries approximately 869 passengers per trip.
Miss Darwood added that two additional buses were available but were being kept in reserve. In respect of the profitability of these buses, Miss Darwood explained that after careful consultation with representatives of the disabled community and the Ministry of Transport and Works, the buses would be travelling during peak hours.
“We met and decided that the buses would be available during peak hours when these persons would be going to and coming from institutions along their routes such as the University Hospital and the Mona Rehabilitation Centre,” she informed.
She added however that members of the general public could also ride these buses especially if they were assisting or travelling with a disabled person.