JIS News

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) will be opening a transportation hub at Dawkins, Portmore this Sunday (Sept. 24).
Seven routes will terminate at the hub, which will only operate on Sundays, and passengers will be transferred from there to downtown or Half-Way-Tree. The transfers will operate in a similar way to route 500, which operates between Half-Way-Tree and downtown on Sundays.
Speaking in an interview with JIS News, Marketing and Communications Manager, Gwyneth Davidson, explained that Portmore has been seen as an area where the JUTC could implement its transfer system.
“We have been able to acquire the land necessary in the correct area, which is the town centre and also we have put in place activities so that the number of buses that we would be using for the transfers will be reduced, so we are able to keep the cost down and therefore in the long run, the bus fares down,” she said.
Mrs. Davidson noted that Portmore commuters would benefit from the new hub because “the buses will not be leaving Portmore as they will be able to circulate more frequently in the community on a Sunday”.
“Similarly, persons who want to go between Portmore and Kingston city, the buses that ply that long corridor will simply do the shuttle between say Half-Way-Tree and Portmore, or downtown or Portmore, ” she informed.
Mrs. Davidson said that while the service would only operate on Sundays in its initial stage, “after about a month or a few more weeks, the JUTC will evaluate and we will see how fast we can extend it to other days of the week”.
She informed that the bus company operated another transfer service between Gordon Town and Papine and would be looking to extend the system when the transportation centre in Half-Way-Tree became operational late next year. “So this is a process that the company will be doing, more and more transfers as cost savings measure and the commuters will benefit,” she explained.