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Several bus routes in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR) have been affected by the heavy rains, caused by Tropical Storm Nicole.
Communications Manager of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Reginald Allen told JIS News on (September 29), that buses from Portmore, Spanish Town and sections of St. Andrew that would normally travel along Marcus Garvey Drive to Downtown are now being re-routed to Spanish Town Road.
This is due to flooding reported along Marcus Garvey Drive, in the vicinity of Tinson Pen.
Mr. Allen also pointed out that the Number 97 and Number 99 buses which travel from Downtown to Bull Bay and Downtown to Harbour View (across the river), are now terminating in Harbour View.
“Because of the absence of the fording at the Dry River Bridge in Harbour View, the buses are only running to Harbour View. We will not be able to establish service across that corridor until the weather recedes and what is left of the fording is restored,” he said.
Buses Number 53 and Number 54, which ply Above Rocks to Half-Way Tree and Border to Downtown, are now terminating in Golden Spring.
Mr. Allen said that while Golden Spring is not a suitable terminus, the JUTC is working to see how best service to the hilly routes can be maintained. He noted that if the situation becomes untenable, those buses will begin to terminate at Manor Park.
The Number 77 buses which ply the Downtown to August Town route are now terminating at the Irvine Hall Gate at the University of the West Indies (UWI), due to lack of access to the August Town community.
In addition, Bus Number 61, which plies the Downtown to Gordon Town route is now terminating in Papine, until access is restored to the Gordon Town community.
Mr. Allen said that no buses were dispatched on route Number 66, from Downtown to Hermitage. “We were not able to send out units to that route, as sections of the route were just not accessible,” he noted.
He said the JUTC will continue to monitor the weather and make adjustments, based on the prevailing conditions. He also pointed out that due to the closure of schools, the bus service has been scaled down to reflect current commuting needs.

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