JIS News

Commuters who use the Jamaica Urban Transit Company’s (JUTC) Premium and Express services will be required to pay more as of next Wednesday, April 1.
Corporate Communications Manager at JUTC, Reginald Allen, told JIS News that passengers who pay $60, $80 or $100 to utilise the bus services, will now pay an additional $20; routes that previously cost $120 will go to $150; while some routes will be increased from $170 to $250.
Regular JUTC bus fares will not be affected. Mr. Allen explained that the new fares reflect increased operating costs. However, other fares, such as those charged for the regular service which are set based on other social considerations, will not be affected.
Express routes to destinations such as Half-Way Tree, Spanish Town, Greater Portmore, Papine, Cross Roads, Harbour View, Constant Spring and City, and Premium routes to locations, such as Longville Park, are among those to experience the increases.
“The Express and Premium bus services are entirely operated on a market driven basis and are not subject to the Act, which governs the JUTC, in its core function, to serve the general basic community needs of the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR),” Mr. Allen said.

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