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The public is being advised that the level of tinting on some of the newer buses is darker than the tint on others, but all the tints are in keeping with the international ISO standard 35-38 per cent specification for public transportation, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) explained in a release on Wednesday, July 14.
According to JUTC Corporate Communications Manager, Reginald Allen, the tinting was factory-applied and cannot be readily separated from the windows of the buses.
“The darker tinting apparently arose because of a difference in the newly-applied standard in Jamaica and in Europe, where the ISO 35-38 per cent specification is applied in respect of tinting on public passenger vehicles. The JUTC buses are from Belgium,” he explained.
“As a result of the difference in the locally-applied standard, since late last year, and the international standard, a request from Jamaica for ‘normal’ tinting was responded to with the normal ISO 35-38 per cent output.
“The darker tinting was also apparently applied to the new set of buses, because it affords a more comfortable ride with greater air-conditioning capacity and internal security, which have been key planks of the new and vastly improved JUTC service. These factors are backed by supporting security systems, including on-board surveillance cameras. For each shipment, the manufacturers seek to enhance the overall output through improvements to various aspects of the performance of the units,” Mr. Allen said.
Since the introduction of the latest set of JUTC buses last month, concern has been raised about the level of inward visibility that the tinting affords. The concern was noted by Transport and Works Minister, Hon. Mike Henry, who has mandated that efforts be made to remedy the situation.
The JUTC is now in contact with both the manufacturers and dealers of the buses, to determine the available options going forward, Mr. Allen said.

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