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KINGSTON — Custos of Clarendon, Hon. William Shagoury, is calling on Justices of the Peace (JPs) to maintain high standards of integrity in the conduct of their duties.

He also remained them that their service is voluntary and as such they should not charge the public fees. “There should be no ambiguity, Justices, you are expected to be well respected in the communities you serve, and you are expected to perform a number of services, voluntarily. That is without charging fees,” the Custos told the JPs at a recent meeting held at the Juici Patties headquarters in Toll Gate in the parish.

Mr. Shagoury, who was conducting his first major meeting with JPs in the parish since assuming office, encouraged the members to embrace their expanded role, which includes having increased jurisdiction in the petty sessions court, and to stand as keepers of justice.

“You must fulfill the expectations that you have been charged with; service to the justice system. Although some of us are not legal specialists…we need to be able to explain and sign legal documents as well as provide advice and counsel,” he stated.

The Custos also pointed to the need for effective communication and dialogue among JPs, so that they can better contribute to the delivery of justice and make their mark in improving the lives of ordinary citizens.

“A full and effective assembly of Justices of the Peace is fundamental to contributing to this new dawn of transformational leadership. Together, we will set the tempo, make the difference and achieve greatness,” he stated.

Meanwhile, head of the Clarendon Police Division, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Dathan Henry, urged the JPs to help to preserve the human rights of persons in police custody, by making regular visits to lockups.

He stated that “it is a welcome help to me, as the commander, when you visit sometimes to ask the officers to account. You have authority under the Justice of the Peace Jurisdiction Act and I would encourage you, those who are not visiting the police stations, to come out and check on those persons in custody."


By Garfield L. Angus, JIS Reporter

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