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Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry, has argued that justice is by far one of the best routes toward achieving lasting peace in any society.
“Justice is not a very simple thing; it goes deep. It relates fundamentally to how people are treated,” he explained.
The Minister, who is also Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon, was delivering the keynote address at the opening of the newly established Peace and Justice Centre, in May Pen, on August 18.
“The Clarendon Peace and Justice Centre being opened today, has highly trained personnel to foster the process of ensuring justice in the parish. In Donna Parchment (Chief Executive Officer of the Dispute Resolution Foundation) and Walter Leavell (Founder of the centre), we have two of the finest dispute resolution minds around, so it is important that we recognise and appreciate what we have here in our midst,” Mr. Henry said.
He pointed out that May Pen is one of the fastest growing towns in Jamaica, and that has afforded more of the citizens there to be gainfully employed and economically empowered. He suggested that the pace of development in the town should be guarded zealously.
“Hence, the Peace and Justice Centre will need to play a critical role in fostering greater public confidence in the justice system, including its network of supporting agencies, such as the police and the correctional and probation services. I stand ready to play my role as Patron of the Centre, as justice for one is justice for all,” Mr. Henry said.
“From now on, there will be somewhere dedicated to the promotion and preservation of both peace and justice in Clarendon, and importantly, somewhere that all our citizens can feel free to go in search of justice that they desire and deserve,” he added.
The centre will operate under the direction of the Dispute Resolution Foundation.

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