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Minister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck, has encouraged Justices of the Peace (JPs) to partner with the police in the fight against crime, by being the eyes and ears of their communities.

Giving the keynote address at the installation ceremony for 22 JPs  for the parish of Trelawny, held at the Mangoes Beach Resort, Cooper’s Pen, on September 14, Mr. Chuck said JPs are appointed community leaders with an upper hand to help control crime.

“You are the community leaders who we believe can demonstrate the integrity and the character that we feel that others can follow and I am depending on the Justices of the Peace across Jamaica to be the rebirth of what is good, what is hopeful, what is decent, what is civil and what is altogether right for Jamaica,” the Minister said.

“JPs must be the persons who strengthen the moral and social fabric of  communities, so  when people see them,  they must see  leaders they want to emulate,” Mr. Chuck said.

The Minister  argued that far too many young people are being influenced by perpetrators of crime,  and JPs need to be proactive and strive to be beacons of change in an effort to influence youngsters.

“The youngsters in our communities need role models and unfortunately, the role models that are emerging in far too many communities are the scammers, the criminal dons and the gangsters. You the Justices of the Peace will have to make yourselves that shining beacon in your community, so that others may emulate things you do and emulate your actions,”  added Mr. Chuck.

The 22 men and women, which included Deputy Mayor of Falmouth and councillor for the Duncans division, Donovan White, and Councillor for the Ulster Spring division, Dr. Pauline Foster-Grant, took the Oath of Office before Custos Trelawny, Hon. Paul Muschett.

This brings the number of serving Justices of the Peace in the parish to 249.

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