JIS News

Justice Paul Theodore Harrison has been sworn in as the new President of the Court of Appeal.
Governor General, His Excellency, Sir Howard Cooke swore in the former Judge of the Court of Appeal as President, at Kings House yesterday (Nov. 3). In swearing in the veteran Judge, Sir Howard hailed the occasion as one of great significance.
“It is so significant a moment and we must respect the way Justice Harrison has lived his life, I understand he is never rash in judgement, there has been good reports all round and we congratulate him today,” Sir Howard noted.
Minister of Justice, and Attorney-General, Senator A.J. Nicholson hailed Justice Harrison as “a Judge’s Judge”.
“He has been meticulous and tempered in his work, and is one of the finest judges. We celebrate his promotion and see it as an opportunity to ensure the rule of law is maintained,” Minister Nicholson informed.
Justice Harrison is to officially assume the duties of President on November 7.
Meanwhile, in his response Justice Harrison called on his fellow justices to ensure that the society was not eroded by the present disobedience of the rule of law. “A true test of justice is the time we are passing through and how we deal with it,” he noted. Continuing, he urged his colleagues to maintain fairness and balance in their judgments and to ensure that the rule of law succeeded in the end.
“If the death sentence is to be handed out it will be. However it is not the answer to our problems but our morals have been broken done over the years. There is a deficiency in the upbringing of our children,” he said.
He added that if this deficiency continued then there would also be continued deficiency in obedience to the laws of the land.
Now 68 years old, Justice Harrison has dedicated some 31 years to the Court of Appeal bench and has indicated his intention to retire within the next two years. He replaces outgoing President Ian Forte, who will retire shortly.
Justice Harrison was also recently awarded the Order of Distinction (OD) for his service in the field of law.