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The Justice Training Institute (JTI) has reached more Jamaicans through the offering of classes online.

Since last year, the Institute has been using the virtual modality to deliver training courses to participants.

Director Principal of the JTI, Karen Campbell-Bascoe, told JIS News that the JTI intended to eventually deliver sessions online, but the reality of the (COVID-19) pandemic expedited efforts.

“We’ve been offering our training programmes and academic programmes via the online mode since April 2020. Since that time, every offering that we’ve had has been via that mode. We have been progressing well. One of the things we found is that with the online modality, while there may be some amount of constraints, there are many positives to be had from this online delivery,” Mrs. Campbell- Bascoe said.

The focus of the Institute is on the staff of the Ministry of Justice, its agencies and courts, but the service provided is extended to other public-sector and non-governmental agencies as well. The JTI is responsible for training Justices of the Peace to effectively carry out their duties, which include serving in the Lay Magistrates’ Courts.

Mrs. Campbell-Bascoe said the Institute also offers academic programmes, to include diploma and short courses.

“What we’ve found is that, among other things, we’ve been able to increase our reach to our several stakeholders, for example, those who serve in the justice sector. We have been able to reach more of them for our academic programmes and training because we’re using the online modality. As far as the West and the North, where we wouldn’t normally have these persons frequently engaging with us, they are now enrolled in full-time programmes,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Campbell-Bascoe said participants are engaging in training sessions more frequently, “because of the ability to do so using the online method”.

“We’ve also found that with our online programmes, it has allowed us to offer additional or increased number of sessions, because you can now do it concurrently. This means we can have a training programme happening on the same day when we have an academic session being delivered. It has also allowed for more opportunities for communication and interaction with our training participants and our academic programme,” she said.

As part of improved communication efforts, the JTI has intensified the use of email, social media and multi-platform messaging app WhatsApp, to maintain contact with students.

“When they come online, we have sessions with them, whether with scheduled sessions or outside of sessions, so as to have that level of interaction. As such, we’ve found those positives that have contributed significantly to the progress of our online programme,” Mrs. Campbell-Bascoe said.

As the training arm of the Ministry of Justice, the JTI is responsible for preparation and staff development to build the capacity of Jamaica’s justice sector, in accordance with international standards.

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