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The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is wooing church groups in the United Kingdom (UK) as it seeks to bring more visitors into the island.
More than 30 Diaspora and mainstream church leaders from various denominations were invited to a special brunch at the Jamaican High Commission in London on Tuesday (Aug. 11), where they were urged to consider Jamaica as a venue for faith-based group travel.
The group, which comprised decision makers for overseas conferences, retreats or other events organised by churches, were invited by the JTB to be part of a destination familiarisation visit to Jamaica.
The JTB made the point that Jamaica can offer a diverse range of events and activities and is already the venue for faith-related activities such as the annual ‘Fun in the Son’ gospel festival, which is now a regular calendar event.
The island also boasts several local and international gospel concerts, regular cross-denominational fellowship, and leadership and faith conferences.
High Commissioner, His Excellency Burchell Whiteman, said that while the initiative was targeting the UK churches for the first time, the Government of Jamaica was committed to developing the faith-based travel sector.
“The Government of Jamaica had committed itself to develop the faith-based travel market. This initiative is targeting UK churches for the first time, because many of these churches regularly plan and host overseas events and many do attend organised fellowship in Jamaica,” Mr. Whiteman added.
The JTB is using the construction of the Montego Bay Conference Centre as the catalyst for this marketing initiative.
The agency has identified churches and associations as a key market for the new facility, which is being built by the Government of Jamaica with assistance from the Chinese Government.
The effort by the JTB to target churches is being supported by the UK-based Premier Christian Radio.

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