JIS News

Children in the community of Springfield in South West Clarendon will be the beneficiaries of a Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) project, under which a new basic school is to be constructed.
The contract for the basic school is valued at J$5 million and was approved at the October sitting of the Board of JSIF, where a total of J$48.8 million was approved to fund five projects across the island.
In a JIS News interview yesterday (Oct. 28) Operations Manager at JSIF, Omar Sweeney explained that the project was being funded by a loan under the World Bank’s National Community Development Programme.
“The money will be used to fund projects which aim to improve living conditions in communities where the need is greatest. In the case of Springfield the construction of the new school will expand the facilities available for education and development to the children and residents of Springfield. In so doing, the project will support the improvement and expansion in the access to education,” he said.
The Springfield Basic School project involves the construction of a building to house two classrooms and a perimeter fence, while the community will assist with the conversion of a present structure into a kitchen and sanitary facilities along with equipping of these facilities.
According to Mr. Sweeney the community has already managed to secure the design for the entire building, including furniture for the school.
They will also provide a contribution of 11 per cent which involves discounted labour, complete project formulation, the cost and organization of handing over and signing ceremonies, the digging and completion of the sceptic pit, security and storage for materials and machinery, post project clean up and community workdays, among other necessities. Seventy students at the school will benefit while employment will be generated for some 35 persons. The project is scheduled to be completed in three months.