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The Hampstead domestic water supply and all-age school rehabilitation projects, which were completed by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) at cost of $29.5 million, were handed over to the St. Mary community on November 24.
Of the amount spent, $21.9 million came from JSIF’s Poverty Reduction Programme, which is funded by the European Union, with the community providing the remaining $7.6 million in cash and kind. Work on the water supply project involved the building of a tank, the laying of pipelines and the construction of a chlorination and filtration system, while the school-upgrading project entailed the repairing of the roof, rehabilitation of the building, and the upgrading of the sanitary facilities. Approximately 2,025 residents of Hampstead, including 202 students and seven teachers, are expected to benefit from the projects.
Minister of Water and Housing, Donald Buchanan, who delivered the main address at the function, congratulated the members of the Hampstead Citizens Association for their tenacity in bringing the projects to fruition and commended the European Union for its continued assistance to the Jamaican government.
He further underscored government’s commitment to providing all Jamaicans with access to potable water by 2010.
He noted that the expansion of rural water supply was a critical component in achieving that goal and cited the work being done through the Rural Water Project to forge partnerships with communities to rehabilitate and construct water supply systems.
Under the project, which is funded jointly by the government of Jamaica and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), water supply systems are being constructed in four pilot parishes to serve 15 districts.
Five Star Development Benevolent Society is undertaking the project in St. Elizabeth; Gravel Hill Development Benevolent Society in Clarendon; Mile Gully/Warwick Castle Development Benevolent Society in St. Mary; and Whitehorses, Botany Bay & Pamphret Development Benevolent Society in St. Thomas.
Work is already underway on the St. Elizabeth project, which will serve the Cotterwood, Fyffes Pen, Shrewsbury, Sellington and Content communities and the St. Thomas project, to serve White Horses, Botany Bay and Pamphret.

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