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Basic school students in the community of Bloomwell in north Clarendon are to benefit from the construction of a new basic school in the community through the assistance of citizens and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF).
The contract to construct the basic school is valued at a more than $9 million and was signed recently at a ceremony held at the Bloomwell Baptist Church.
In his remarks at the signing, Gerry Murray Project Officer at JSIF, explained that the project was being funded by European Union as part of their Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP). “The PRP is being financed by a 6 million Euro grant from the European Union to the Government of Jamaica. The money will be used to fund projects which aim to improve living conditions in communities where the need is greatest,” he said.
The scope of work involves the construction of a building to house two classrooms including sanitary facilities for staff and students, furniture and play equipment.
Some 52 students and two teachers at the school will benefit from the project, which is expected to take four months to be completed.

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