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The Diaspora’s support is being lobbied for the Jamaica Stock Exchange Social Enterprise Exchange (JAMSIIX), which is slated to be launched in 2018.

The engagement is an initiative of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), which aims to provide funding support for local Social Business Enterprises (SBEs).

Deputy General Manager, Robin Levy, extended the invitation to delegates attending the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference, at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown, Kingston, on Wednesday, July 26.

“We encourage members of the Diaspora to go to your hometowns (and talk with) persons (who) you know are doing well in your communities and who have social business enterprises.

“We want to reach out to grass roots community-based organisations that may be doing good work and have a triple bottom line which is not just about making money but about the impact that (they) will have on people,” Mr. Levy said.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange Social Enterprise Exchange, which is patterned off the Brazil Social Stock Exchange, will be hosted on the JSE platform.

SBEs will be expected to meet listing requirements, be guided by the rules and regulations of a listed company and have a triple bottom line.