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The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) eCampus, on Monday (March 1) unveiled its latest course offering, the Caribbean Securities Trader Professional Certificate Programme.

The three-tiered programme comprises the: FX (Foreign Exchange) Trader, Caribbean Securities, and Brokerage Operations Management courses.

eCampus Principal, Samuel Parkes, in his remarks at the virtual launch, said the programme is designed to ensure that participants “are fully equipped [and] have a wide understanding of operations in the varying markets within the Caribbean financial services [sector] and the corresponding laws which govern these”.

“We also expect that persons would have the foundation required to enable them to acquire jobs within the wider financial services industry within the Caribbean, and to provide in-depth knowledge of investment and the varying products that are offered across the [region] so that they can make prudent recommendations and prudent investment decisions,” Mr. Parkes added.

JSE Managing Director, Marlene Street Forrest, said the course is expected to facilitate greater focus on broadening and deepening the Caribbean’s status as a financial destination “where our brokers [and other sector stakeholders] will be able to speak with one voice [thereby ensuring that] we understand what the other country is doing within the region”.

She noted that the eCampus has been “working diligently” over the years to bring quality products to the market.

“It is important, we feel, that we educate the market… whether it is the brokers, the investors and others, just generally about the capital market, because we feel that this is one area in which we are going to attain sustainability and growth of our countries within the region,” Mrs. Street Forrest added.

The programme is slated to commence on Sunday, March 7, beginning with the FX Trader course.

Mr. Parkes advised that courses will be delivered consecutively over a six to eight-week period, noting that the programme is expected to be completed within less than six months.

For further information on the Caribbean Securities Trader Professional Certificate Programme, persons may visit jseecampus@jamstockex.com.

Founded in 2010, the JSE e-Campus is committed to providing transformational career development training for professionals across the various sectors served by the JSE.

It offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Services Management, which comprises 14 courses in three modules, with each being taught by reputable lecturers within the field.

Each of these courses may also be completed as a short-term postgraduate certificate course at either of two levels – certificate of completion or certificate of participation.

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