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Chairman of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) e-Campus, Johann Heaven, says the institution is well positioned to deliver quality tertiary training to persons across the region at a lower cost, particularly during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Speaking during the virtual launch of the e-Campus’ Caribbean Securities Trader Professional Certificate Programme on Monday (March 1), Mr. Heaven pointed out that in recent years, many tertiary institutions have been experiencing declines in on-campus student enrolment and there has been an increased uptake of online courses, which has heightened over the last year due to COVID-19.

He pointed out that with the traditional four-year college model “in flux”, institutions like the e-Campus “have the opportunity to shine with… short-term online degree programmes that are offered at considerably lower costs”.

He said the e-Campus’ wide range of short-term certificate courses now includes the Caribbean Securities Trader Professional Certificate Programme “that we are very excited about”.

The three-tiered programme comprises the: FX (Foreign Exchange) Trader, Caribbean Securities, and Brokerage Operations Management courses.

Mr. Heaven said that as online education becomes “more normalised” and students pivot towards short-term programmes with the goal of a “faster return” on their investments “alternative credentials, like the certificate programmes offered at the eCampus, will grow in popularity”.

“When we look towards the future, the e-Campus is poised to play a major role in, not just providing access to its certificate programmes, but also in the upskilling and training of the financial services workforce throughout the Caribbean,” the Chairman added.

Founded in 2010, the e-Campus is committed to providing transformational career development training for professionals across the various sectors served by the JSE.

It offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Services Management, which comprises 14 courses in three modules, with each being taught by reputable lecturers within the field.

Each of these offerings may also be completed as a short-term postgraduate certificate course at either of two levels – certificate of completion or certificate of participation

For further information on the Caribbean Securities Trader Professional Certificate Programme and other courses, persons may visit jseecampus@jamstockex.com.

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