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    The 32 newly commissioned Justices of the Peace (JPs) for the parish of St. James, have been called upon to be standard bearers in their communities.

    “I call upon you, Justices of the Peace, to do everything in your powers to stem the tides of corruption and moral decay. If you have joined the service to further corruption or to aid in corrupt practises, you do not belong here,” said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Robert Rainford.

    He was addressing the installation ceremony for the new JPs held recently at the Wexford Hotel in Montego Bay.

    The Permanent Secretary urged the justices to hold fast to the principles of integrity and honesty in carrying out their work, and reminded them that they should not sign documents for people they do not know.

    “That is why we try to have so many Justices of the Peace, so that the chances of JPs knowing their community members are increased. This might seem simple, but look at the damage that can be caused by identity theft and forgery of documents such as passports and drivers’ licences,” Mr. Rainford said.

    Custos Rotulorum for the parish, Hon. Ewen Corrodus, commended the newly commissioned JPs and urged them to take their roles seriously.

    “This is a special moment for you…’Jamaica 50’ justices, as it is a graduation exercise and an induction into a new career that will make your lives more fulfilling and rewarding while at the same time, being more challenging,” Custos Corrodus said.

    He pointed out that the support and involvement of all citizens are needed for the dedicated Justices of the Peace to effectively fulfill the purpose for which they are being commissioned.


    By Glenis A. Rose, JIS Reporter

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