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The Government, through the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC), is actively developing a policy framework to build better awareness about productivity at the individual, enterprise and national levels.

This was stated by Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Zavia Mayne, during the recent staging of the Centre’s virtual productivity workshop.

“This approach will allow schools and organisations to become more aware of the importance of productivity in this competitive global market as we transition into the fourth industrial revolution,” he said.

Mr. Mayne noted that the Jamaica Productivity Centre is working to ensure that the current and future labour force will have the skills needed to be competitive, innovative and productive.

“These initiatives will help with the endorsement of productivity in our education and training systems and, ultimately, with our human capital development,” he noted.

Meanwhile, he said according to preliminary results from a perception survey undertaken by the JPC, it was discovered that respondents felt that flexible work arrangements increase their ability to be more productive, being able to balance work and personal responsibilities, and complete tasks at their own convenience

“Based on the findings, it is evident that there is a paradigm shift in the mindset of employees in Jamaica.,” he said.

Mr. Mayne noted that productivity is critical to the growth and development of any country, adding that “if Jamaica is to remain globally competitive, then it will require a change in approach and mindset by all stakeholders from the various disciplines and industries”.

The forum was held under the theme ‘Productivity, COVID-19 and Human Capital Development’.

The Jamaica Productivity Centre is responsible for promoting and facilitating productivity improvement in Jamaica. The JPC continually strives to be recognised as the leading regional centre on productivity growth, by enabling Jamaica’s economy to be more productive, innovative and competitive.

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