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The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) expresses regret at the sudden passing of veteran media practitioner, Doreen Brown.

Mrs. Brown worked at the JIS from 1963 until her retirement on October 29, 1992.

She served first as an information officer, then as Senior Information Officer in charge of Radio, before being promoted to head the Radio Department.

Mrs. Brown worked at the Jamaican Consulate in New York as an Information Attaché, after which she returned to Jamaica to manage the JIS Television Department.

Chief Executive Officer, Donna-Marie Rowe, who met Mrs. Brown in recent years, said she came to know her as a generous and gracious person who revelled in the recollection of her years at the JIS. 

“She shared her many achievements at the JIS as a writer and producer of radio drama,” Mrs. Rowe said.  “Her passing is indeed reason to pause and reflect on her contributions and her vivacity.  Our thoughts are with her husband and family at this sad time.”

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Ian Boyne, who worked with Mrs. Brown at the JIS for many years, said that her contribution to the agency has been priceless.

“Possessing a fine voice, sharp creative mind and a generous heart, Doreen was an inspiration to all who had the pleasure of working with her at the JIS,” Mr. Boyne said.

He described her as a team player and a motivator, who had a friendly spirit and a ready smile.

“Her leadership in the Radio Department represented one of the most creative periods of that unit, with her producing drama series that had significant national appeal.  She was a true nationalist and patriot, who believed in the Jamaican people and their capacity for excellence and optimism,” Mr. Boyne said.

  “Productions such as ‘Life in Hopeful Village’ and ‘Ma B’s Family’ were natural to her, as they expressed the values she held strongly. She believed in her profession and to her last days was busily contributing to the upliftment of young members of the media fraternity. She will be missed by all of us who knew and loved her,” he added. 

Mrs. Brown was responsible for producing other popular radio dramas such as ‘Way of the World’, the historical documentary ‘Journeys’, and ‘On the Right Track’.

She received a Seprod Award in 1977 for her documentary on ‘Emancipation and Apartheid’, and again in 1979, for her work titled ‘The Life and Times of Willie Henry’, a documentary on a well-known figure in agriculture in Jamaica.

Mrs. Brown and her husband, Leroy, generously donated an education grant to a deserving university student, as part of a programme initiated by the Press Association of Jamaica, during National Journalism Week 2016.

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