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The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) in Miami is now accepting entries for the annual Independence Essay Competition, which forms part of the Jamaica Independence celebrations throughout the Florida communities.
This contest is in its eighth year, and is open to all Jamaican children, first and second generation, residing in Florida State. The deadline for participating entries is Thursday, July 24. The winner in each category will be awarded with a plaque from the Jamaica Consulate General.
The objective of this project is to advance community awareness while exposing young persons to their Jamaican culture and heritage. As they research and prepare compositions, applicants are given the opportunity to reflect on the nation’s history and culture; look at the impact of their Jamaican roots on their upbringing; and the positive events that have catapulted Jamaica and its Diaspora in the global arena.
Consul General, Ricardo Allicock continues to encourage children in the Diaspora to take interest in the annual essay competition, emphasizing that the occasion would inspire young Jamaicans to seriously consider learning more about the island of their origin.
Students can choose from a selection of topics related to the island’s cultural heritage, some of which include community leadership, entertainment, education, history and culture, geography and national development.
Applicants must be between five and 18 years of age and resident in Florida. There are three age categories for the responses, five to eight; nine to 12; and 13 to 18.
For information on entering the contest, interested persons can contact the JIS office at the Jamaica Consulate General in Miami, located at 25 Southeast Second Avenue, Suite 609, telephone (305-374-8431 ext. 232), e-mail jismiami@bellsouth.net or the Consulate’s website at www.jamaicacgmiami.org

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