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KINGSTON — The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) opened its doors recently to a group of American Peace Corps volunteers, who wanted to get as much information as possible, to assist them in their preparation to teach and work in schools and institutions across rural Jamaica for the next two years.

Programming and Training Specialist for Numeracy and Literacy at the Jamaica Peace Corps, Ilene Davis-Pearson, said it is very important for the volunteers to be in contact with the JIS.

“I think that the JIS is Jamaica's main source of information and it's the only (source) where you can get your facts. The Peace Corps volunteers have to be informed, and when they are sent to some of the most rural places, the information that the JIS provides, is needed. That is why we thought it would be important for the JIS to be involved in our training process,” she said.

The trainees were sworn in as volunteers after two months of intense training to ensure that they are fully prepared for the field. They also received language training, so that they can understand the Jamaican Creole.  They will work in the areas of Education, Environment and Youth.

Special Projects Officer at the JIS, Christine Ade-Gold, said members of the group were very excited to tour the agency and get a closer view of the work done there.

“They asked many questions in seeking to get information on the government and Jamaica, that can benefit them while on their duties,” she said.

The volunteers have been dispatched islandwide.


By Christine Ade-Gold, JIS Special Projects/PR Assistant

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