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The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) has received high marks from Jamaicans at home and abroad for its live streaming of some of the events held over the Independence weekend.

Systems Administrator at the JIS, Kirk Nelson, said approximately 2,000 persons logged on to the JIS webcast of the Float Parade through the streets of Kingston and the Grand Gala, held at the National Stadium, on August 6. He noted that persons who watched via the JIS website did not “miss a beat,” as they were able to see what everyone in the stadium was experiencing.
In addition, he said the experience for online viewers was enhanced as they were able to interact with their friends via social networking site, Facebook, while watching the feed.
During the broadcast, persons expressed pride at Jamaica’s achievements over the 48 years of independence, with some members of the Diaspora waxing nostalgic.
“Wow! Isn’t this wonderful? I can Remember Jamaica 21 Grand Gala celebration at the National Stadium,” one man commented, while another declared “I miss my sweet, sweet Jamaica.” It was a similar sentiment for one of the women viewing the broadcast who expressed a longing to be back “a yard.”
As persons watched the broadcast they could not mask their excitement at being able to watch from their homes, and repeatedly thanked the JIS for the live stream.
“Very big thanks to JIS for broadcasting the Grand Gala, so that I could feel like I’m home. Big respect JIS, I really feel good,” a male viewer said.
There were also praises for the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), the organisers of the Independence celebrations, with comments such as: “This is excellent! Great job organisers.”
“It is indeed a wonderful staging, nothing can take away from that,” one woman said, while another noted that the Grand Gala was “very beautiful and colourful, I enjoyed watching.”

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