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To observe Child Month, the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) undertook a tree-planting exercise with students at selected primary schools, in the parishes of St. Andrew and St. Catherine, culminating at Naggo Head on Thursday, May 30.

Other schools visited were Harbour View on May 16; Padmore on May 21 and Bridgeport on May 28.

The activity was carried out in association with the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

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The students were happy and appreciative of the initiative. Twelve-year-old student of Naggo Head Primary, Dejean Cousins, said “it is really nice that the JIS has come to help us in the planting of trees and the beautification of the school. We need a lot of trees, especially on the field, so we can get shade. It is hot during the days, especially when we are doing Physical Education.”

This view was reiterated by caretaker of the school, Henry Green, who said that the trees, when grown, will be “good for shade during the days and will keep the place cool. The playfield needs trees around it.”

For her part, Principal of Bridgeport Primary School, Lorna Lewis, was very enthused when the JIS visited her school, as the students are currently working on a project to enhance the appearance of their school.

“Trees are very important to our environment. The front of our school really needs a facelift, and we have been doing a few things to enhance the school, so when we heard that JIS wanted to come we were very happy. In a little while when you’re driving by, you’ll be very pleased to see what you have helped us to achieve here at Bridgeport,” she said.

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The Forestry Department donated seedlings to the project. Client Services Forrester in the Department, Nicola Hutchinson Scott, as well as Senior Director, Forest Science and Technology Services Division, Donna Lowe, gave short presentations at each school about the importance of trees.

Due to a decrease in the amount of trees across Jamaica, the Department is currently on a mission to increase forest cover over the country by two per cent over the next 10 years.

Contact: Christine Ade-Gold

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