JIS News

The Troy Primary School in Trelawny has received an educational boost, with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), on Wednesday (February 16), donating books and other publications to the institution.

The gift package included posters and a DVD on the national heroes and national symbols; posters of the Jamaican currency and coins, and Governors-General; and four books on Jamaica’s heritage and natural disasters.

Vice Principal of the school, Altimond Nichol, in thanking the JIS for the material  said: “we want our children to be more aware of our heritage, especially with this month being Black History Month. I believe there are many things in the package that will help our students to become more aware, and sensitise them about our heritage."

Student, Amelia Ellis, said the donation will enable her to read more about her favourite national hero, Nanny of the Maroons. “I am very happy to have these books in the library to read more about her and get a full understanding of where she was born and other important things. I want to thank the JIS for letting us know more about Nanny of the Maroons,” she said.

Meanwhile, officer in charge of the JIS’ Mandeville Regional Office, Garfield Angus, who handed over the publications at the monthly meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), urged that the material be used to improve the knowledge of students, “so that they can be more aware of what happened in the past to put us where we are today”.

Over the years, the JIS has embarked on a number of initiates aimed at positively impacting the lives of Jamaica’s children. These include the donation of educational material to schools, the adoption of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Manchester, participating in career days/expositions, and facilitating tours of the JIS by schools and youth groups.