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Teachers and students of Wilson’s Run Primary School, Trelawny, had their spirits lifted after receiving gifts of Heritage materials from the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) on Thursday (October 15).
Wilson’s Run Primary was thrust into the media spotlight recently, when a local television station carried news of the concerns of residents about the Ministry of Education providing more teachers for the school.
But Thursday’s was a more festive event, as parents, teachers and students celebrated the new JIS Heritage posters, featuring national heroes and national symbols, books, flags and other educational materials that were handed over to the school.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the JIS, Donna-Marie Rowe, presented the gifts to the school’s Acting Principal, Audley Smith, and challenged the students to hold onto their dreams.

Students of Wilson’s Run Primary in Trelawny show their appreciation for the gift of National Heritage Week education materials from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Donna-Marie Rowe (left) at the school on Thursday (October 15). The Acting Principal, Audley Smith (centre), and teacher, Jeanette Hills (right), share the occasion. Wilson’s Run is the fourth institution to receive JIS new posters of the national heroes and national symbols which are now available on sale at the JIS Head Office, Half Way Tree Road, Kingston.

“We thought we should come here this morning and meet with you, to let you know you are special children and we love you. I am going to hand over some of these new posters that feature our national heroes and your Principal, Mr. Smith, will put them up around your school,” Mrs. Rowe told them.
“You all have big dreams and you must hold onto your dreams; don’t let them go and continue to believe in Jamaica,” she charged, as the audience of Grades 1 to 6 students listened attentively, during the handing over ceremony.
The CEO also encouraged the Principal and teachers not to be discouraged in these difficult times.
With 101 students enrolled and 4 teachers on staff, the school feted the JIS team with cultural presentations, including a song entitled ‘Six Heroes and a Heroine’, a popular dance and recitals about the national heroes.

Resident of Wilson’s Run, Trelawny, Adrian Wilson (right) seems extremely pleased with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Donna-Marie Rowe, after she donated posters, books and other educational materials to the Wilson’s Run Primary School on Thursday (October 15), as part of the agency’s promotion of Jamaica’s heritage during National Heritage Week.

Speaking with JIS News after the ceremony, Mr. Smith explained that the gifts will help to boost literacy in the school.
“The JIS materials mean a lot. I know that all of these materials are informative, and we will use them to the best of our ability to improve the school’s literacy standard, and it will keep them (students) informed in the areas of social studies, geography and integrated studies,” he said.
He also noted that Wilson’s Run was fourth in the parish of Trelawny in the Grade 4 Literacy Test, and the parish itself placed third. The National Average for this year’s Grade 4 Literacy Test is 67 per cent. Wilson’s Run surpassed that by attaining an average of 79 per cent.
“So, we are very proud to know that we are a part of it,” he commented.
Residents of the community, including Adrian Robinson, a 20-year-old past student, and Althia Lynch Plummer, mother of four students attending the institution, lauded the JIS for its contribution.
“I think it’s great, and if we could have about 10 more JIS giving us things, then our intellectual ability will rise; so thanks,” Mr. Robinson said.
“I feel very proud and I appreciate it very much. It will benefit them a lot and improve their learning,” Mrs. Plummer noted.
Wilson’s Run Primary is the fourth institution to receive Heritage materials from the JIS. The others were John Austin All Age, Pennants, Clarendon and Wonder World Child Care Centre and Vaz Prep in Kingston.
National Heritage Week is being celebrated under the theme ‘Believe in Jamaica, Embracing our Heritage.’

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