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Jimmy Jackson has followed in the winning footsteps of legendary veteran farmer Moses Jumi, having won the National Champion Farmer title for the second consecutive year.
Mr. Jackson who hails from the parish of Westmoreland, bested some 24 farmers to win the title at the 54th annual Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show, being held in May Pen, Clarendon from August 5 to August 7. He farms some 4,000 acres of land and grows timber, bananas, plantains, coconuts and other crops, along with some 1,000 heads of beef cattle, 400 heads of goat and broiler and layer chickens.
Speaking with JIS News, at the Show yesterday (August 6), Chairman of the National Champion Farmer Competition, Derrick Vermont said, “Mr. Jackson won hands down. He won the majority of the categories, such as Best layout of farm, Best type of enterprise-crops/livestock and he has both, Best efficiency and Best records. He has excellent record keeping.”
Mr. Jackson also won the Class ‘D’ 100 acres category, which is compulsory in order to win the title.
“I would have liked for someone else to win, but I am encouraged by it because thieves have stolen 100 cows from me within the year. People need to be more aware of who they are buying beef and other agricultural products from and where they are buying from. If you think it was stolen, do not buy it,” Mr. Jackson urged.
Mr. Jackson is also an hotelier with his own property in Negril, Westmoreland. All the produce from his farm goes to his hotel where breakfast is also served to guests from other hotels.
Prizes to be awarded to Mr. Jackson today (August 7) at the Show include the Champion’s Garland; a cash prize from the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS); the JAS/RBTT (Bank) Trophy; a special trophy from RBTT Bank; and a cash prize, also from RBTT.
The annual Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show ends today and the gates will be open until 8:00pm.

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